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Jordan Davies
2 min readSep 28, 2021


By Jordan Davies

What presentation pit falls are you guilty of?

Some of the pits falls I tend to fall guilty of while presenting my work is a lack of confidence. When I started the Viscom major last fall, it was a really difficult process for me getting use to constant critiques and putting myself and my work out there. I’ve apologized and put out disclaimers before presenting my work, because it felt a bit like a safety blanket before I completely make myself vulnerable in front of my peers.

Who is considered the client when doing student work?

The “client” while doing student work is both our classmates and our professor. We share our work and our process and our final product with the entire class including our professor, and in the end, we are designing for them, not ourselves.

What is New information?

Something that is new information is “giving the real estate tour” while in my past design classes I’ve briefly learned and practiced not just reading the screen or explaining the obvious, this article explained more in depth about selling the benefits of the world, using hypotheticals and inserting the client into the situation of whatever the design is, showing them what it would be like for them to use it. Also, finding a story to tell the clients helps grab their attention and sell them on your presentation.

What information is reinforced?

Reacting to questions as change requests is something that is reinforced in this article. One of the biggest factors that goes into having a successful design is confidence and explanation as to why certain things are the way they are. Design is very intentional, and you need to be able to defend your decisions (within reason) to show that the design will be effective.

Do you agree?

Yes, I do agree with this. How are you supposed to sell someone something you don’t believe in or have reason to back it up? You want to not be so eager to change an idea just because someone questions it, instead, back-up your work with reason and research to persuade the client.



Jordan Davies

Fourth Year Visual Communications Student at Seattle Pacific University